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SURE SHOT™ Training Basketball


Full Size 29.5"
(For men and boys 12+)

Intermediate Size 28.5"
(For women, boys aged 9-12, and girls 9+)


Description The Sure Shot basketball is a premier training ball for serious shooters looking to take their game to the next level. Using unique fingertip cutouts, the Sure Shot basketball guarantees fingertip control ensuring players develop consistent shot success by reinforcing proper release and form. With the Sure Shot basketball you are guaranteed to improve your shooting. Thirty minutes a day with Sure Shot will give you the confidence and technique you need to take the shot, make the shot

Unlike other training balls, The Sure Shot basketball offers shooters professional feel and easy use.
  • Constructed of Premium Composite Leather not rubber.
  • No more searching for elaborate color placements covering the ball
The science behind the Sure Shot's success lies in its distinctive fingertip cutouts. Allowing players to simply,
"Feel the ball, make the shot!"™

Visit our Training Room and receive professional instructions on becoming a better shooter overnight using Sure Shot Basketball.
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