Frequently Asked Questions

Will the ball work for different size hands?

The intermediate ball (28.5) is regulation size for youth and women players. Although hand sizes vary, we have found that the thumb, index finger and middle finger of the right hand will fit in the cutouts for the majority of players. The same is true for the full size ball (29.5) designed for men and players 12+.Those 3 fingers will allow a player to experience the positive benefits of the sure shot training ball. Whether players are 6, 16, or 26 the Sure Shot Basketball will aid in shot performance.

Is the ball durable enough to play with outside?

Yes, we have found through extensive outdoor use that the Sure Shot Training Ball, which is made of high quality leather composite, holds up well under the stress of outdoor use.

Anything special I need to do in order for the ball to improve my shooting?

The Sure Shot Training Ball is designed for easy use. Whether used alone or accompanied with our website "Training Room" instructional videos, drills, tips and more, you will find it to be a user friendly training tool.

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